Past Work Examples tagged: wordpress

Here are some examples of past work we have undertaken, ranging from Web Design through Search Engine Optimisation to Internet Consultancy. Click on the entries below to read more, see screenshots (click for a closer view) and testimonials. Having Design, Website Design and Programming skills in house, we can deliver solutions to fit almost any requirements - get in touch to discuss yours!

Click on the titles below to read more, see screenshots (click for a closer view) and testimonials. Click on the links shown below each entry to explore related past work by work type, location or tag.

Home page

Peterborough Dentist – WordPress website

A fresh organic web design for this Peterborough dental group; including logo creation. Making use of an easy to use WordPress Content Management System and multiple sophisticated web based forms and databases, all while being SEO and tablet friendly. Read more…

The Job Show - Home Page

The Job Show, Peterborough – WordPress website

A sophisticated WordPress based website design for a Peterborough based recruitment event company. Includes easy to manage event information, design incorporating Search Engine Optimisation best practice, bookings handling and mobile/tablet friendly design. Read more…

Home page

Tungsten Grinders – WordPress eCommerce

A simple ‘companion’ eCommerce website based on WordPress allowing the client to add an online sales capability to their existing website, and also to expand out as a focused microsite at some point in the future. Read more…

Home page

Shower Head Hoses Mixers – WordPress eCommerce

A very cheap WordPress eCommerce website with minimal design to support the client’s existing WordPress eCommerce website – which for business reasons they wanted to keep compartmentalised. Read more…

Location: Norwich

Home page

Preground Tungsten Electrodes microsite

A simple microsite put together very quickly, and at low cost, to appeal to a very specific keyword search. Supported by AdWords and based on the WordPress CMS, therefore allowing serious amounts of content to be added in the future. Read more…

Shower Power Booster – eCommerce

Web consultancy to replace an eCommerce system within a WordPress site with a more powerful, easier to use alternative. Read more…

Location: Norwich

Smart ABC Cambridgeshire – low cost website

A low cost clone of an existing website, updated to change the SEO focus to Cambridgeshire (the business was extending the area in which it operated to around Huntingdon), plus some other content updates. At the same time moving to using WordPress as a delivery platform to allow far easier content updates during the cloning process and into the future. Read more…

Harvey Norman SEO website review & AdWords setup

Website review for Search Engine Optimisation, working with current developer to implement changes. Creation, setup and fine tuning of AdWords campaigns to target identified keywords – replacing a poor quality Yell paid advertising subscription. Read more…