Website reviews

Website Reviews

We offer independent website reviews for website owners to help them get more out of their internet presence.

Using our SEO, online marketing and technical experience we review a wide range of factors both on the website and outside the website. This leads to a prioritised online marketing plan to guide the business forward in its particular sector – covering short term high priority updates right through to ongoing content production. This is all explained in plain English.

A selection of some of the issues covered by a website review can include:

  • Keyword analysis – What search terms should be the key focus?
  • Current indexing – How well is the site currently performing?
  • Google Analytics  – Where is traffic coming from?
  • Webmaster tools – What are Google & Bing are telling us about the site?
  • Technical issues – e.g. ‘canonicalisation’, badly formatted content, broken links
  • Content – Metatags, is there enough content, is it focused?
  • User experience – How does the site work for the user?
  • Internet presence – How is the site engaging with other websites?
  • Social standing – How is the business ‘connected’ socially?


(Our full internal checklist that we use as a guide for our website reviews contains over 100 areas to investigate and issues to check)

We can help also implement the marketing plan at any level required – from dealing with technical SEO idiosyncrasies to writing content.

If you would like to see how you could get more from your website, with a website review please get in touch.


Note: occasionally a website review identifies insurmountable problems with an existing website implementation (usually a lack of control over Search Engine Optimisation fields, or simply the inability to update or add content) – in which case we might recommend a new website. We do not make such a recommendation lightly, and always try to work with the existing website where possible.

Some recent companies we have conducted website reviews