Get a Web Design quotation – How much is a website going to cost?

Are you interested in knowing how much a new, or updated, website is going to cost? Before getting in touch with a web developer – it will help you and ANY web developer you speak to, if you can answer the following broad questions to start with. This will help you get a more accurate – and generally cheaper – quotation.

Please read the information below, then get in touch or click the Get a quote tab and fill in the form.

  1. Do you have an existing website?
    This lets us see your starting point.
  2. What do you want the website to achieve for you?
    e.g. act as an online brochure, attract online leads, sell online (eCommerce)
  3. How many pages do you expect to have on your the new website?
    This gives us a feel for the complexity of the project. If you haven’t thought about what content you are going to have on your website then you should do so before asking anybody to quote for you.
  4. How graphically unique do you want your site to be?
    More design costs more time – do you just need a ‘workman like’ neat/clean design that could be ‘off the peg’, or do you want to stand out from your competitors?
  5. Do you want any ‘active content’?
    This is content which is not just fixed information; such as booking forms (not including contact forms), calendars etc.
  6. Will you have the time to add and edit your own content?
    If you can enter your own content it makes it quicker for us to develop -and better on an ongoing SEO basis as you will be able to keep adding content!
  7. What budget do you have?
    OK, you’re not going to tell a web developer how much you have to spend (in fact a lot of businesses won’t know how much a site should cost) but try to think how much would be too much – this stops the embarrassment of asking for a complex website and then revealing that you only have a budget of £500 after we spend a lot of time doing a detailed quotation on a £5,000 website for you (it happens).
  8. When do you want your new website live?
    We can turn things around quickly, but generally the thing that delays websites most is that you don’t have enough time in your own schedule to write content – writing content is difficult and takes a long time. In the past we have turned around simple ’emergency’ websites in days, but generally you are looking at a month, and, if a lot of content, a couple of months.

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What do you want the website to achieve?

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How unique do you want your design?

Will there be any active content?

Could you write and enter your own content?

Do you have any idea of budget?

When do you want the website live?


Note that we also offer internet consultancy and can help businesses to specify & document their complex web requirements if they are struggling. We can even act as an independent technical advisor working on your behalf along with an independent web development company.