Cheap websites vs low cost, high value web design

Low cost Web Design

At WebSanity we offer great value, quality websites at a low cost. When we think about cheap websites we think about the ‘website builders’ pushed on the TV or developed by a ‘mate down the pub’, but it can equally apply to cheap websites developed by inexperienced & unqualified developers. Ironically, buying a cheap website usually turns out to be a waste of money and can, in some cases, do more harm than good (we’ve helped too many clients over the years recover from botched web builds).

Cheap websites will often:

  • Pay little or no attention to Search Engine Optimisation
    What’s the point of a website if it doesn’t appear in the Google search results?
  • Not show off your business in the best possible light
    Bad web design can actually put customers off your business;
  • Be based on dead end systems
    When you want to update your website you will need to start from scratch;
  • Tie you in
    To either paying a monthly fee and/or make it a struggle to get back control of your own domain name;
  • Give you minimal control over editing and adding content;
  • Come with no marketing advice/support.


We appreciate that small, local businesses need to manage their marketing budgets carefully and are often forced to look for a cheap website. We can help you get a great quality website at a low cost with a little help from you during the development process:

  • Logos
    If you don’t have a logo already then instead of us custom designing one, you can build one using a cheap online builder tool;
  • Design
    Keep it neat, clean & simple – we can even recommend some ‘off the shelf’ templates that will cut a lot of design & development time and cost;
  • Content Management System
    We build using the excellent, but free to install, WordPress CMS, giving you a great platform that will grow with you;
  • Content
    Using WordPress, users can edit and add their own initial content (including SEO fields) – saving a lot of time;
  • eCommerce
    If you want to sell online then we can quickly setup and configure WordPress to enable you to do so – however, you will need to dedicate time to adding the products, use a payment solution that is simple to setup (such as PayPal) and have a fairly simple shipping charging model;
  • Hosting
    We can even recommend great value hosting for small websites.


In the end, by helping out during the development process,  you will have a smart looking ‘cheap’ website that is search engine friendly, built on a powerful web platform, that can grow with your business, which you own and control – that’s great value web design! To find out more get in touch!

NOTE: We can even help people who want to build or update their own website through simple web consultancy.


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