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Web help and advice - Comment archive

Listed below you will find an archive of the comments that we have previously made on the home page of the website. We hope you find them useful: if a topic affects you then feel free to contact us to discuss it in more depth.

April 2009

Quality web design on paper

March 2009

Every quality website deserves a FAVICON

February 2009

Search Engine Optimisation by numbers

January 2009

Turn if off
Give your PC/laptop a new year makeover

December 2008

Get more visitors to your website
Pay Per Click advertising... too hot to handle?

November 2008

‘Shop local’ for your hosting
"Optimisation in time" saves nine

October 2008

Five steps to improve your website: Step 5 - Writing a plan
Five steps to improve your website: Step 4 - Review your own website

September 2008

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8
Financial meltdown? MARKET your website!

August 2008

Five steps to improve your website: Step 3 - Review your competitors' websites
Five steps to improve your website: Step 2 - Review your search engine position

July 2008

Five steps to improve your website: Step 1 - review what your website is delivering for you
Is your business feeling the pinch?

June 2008

Don't cut corners with cheap hosting
Optimise your website for optimum results

May 2008

Check out the competition
Spam and how to avoid it

April 2008

Backup or go bust!
Check your website meets web standards

March 2008

Take control of your hosting

February 2008

Protect your content!
Love what your website can do for you

January 2008

Protect your customers' data
New year's resolutions for your web site

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