Useful Links

Listed below are some links that we hope you will find useful. Note that some earn us commission, but that is at no cost to you, and our recommendations are based on what we’ve found works well in the past (and we have consequently updated this list when we felt that recommendations weren’t delivering a good level of service)

Domain names

When you purchase domain names we recommend Why? Because they are cheap, reliable and have a powerful control panel allowing us to setup your website, quickly and easily.



Web hosting

To be honest, hosting is a pain. You’d have thought that providing some shared disk space on a server connected to the internet was simple. In reality it is far from such and many hosts struggle to cope. The current host that we recommend to our clients is ‘Big Wet Fish‘. They are UK based, deliver consistently good performance WordPress hosting and offer fast & friendly tech support (based on our experience with them). Avoid the big name players who outsource support to goodness knows where and who you can’t get hold of as soon as anything goes wrong. They also offer overseas hosting (recommended if you are targeting an overseas market such as the US).


Useful tools

Dropbox is a great – free – tool which allows you to share files with your business colleagues or just allow you to access them from multiple devices (including your phone). We use it with a lot of clients in order to share files during development or whilst undertaking ongoing SEO work. Sign up here.