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MD5 and SHA1 encryption tool

This is an MD5 encryption tool and SHA1 encryption tool. It encrypts plain text into MD5 format and SHA1 format. Both these formats are used by web based programs to encrypt information such as user login passwords. You should never store passwords in an unencrypted form, instead you should encrypt in MD5 or SHA1 formats. Once encrypted it is practically impossible to work out what the original password was, yet it is easy for web based code to take a user entered password, encrypt it and compare against the stored encrypted version of the password to validate a user, for example.
We guarantee that no data you enter here is stored on our servers (or anybody else’s for that matter!).
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Enter text and click on the encode button to encrypt it in SHA1 and MD5 formats

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This text: Enter text to encode...
Encoded in MD5: 141ad0479a1922c53ceac145b6419bb0
Encoded in SHA1: 4a19a8db34b09662420ba2cb4a279a0a581632eb


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