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How to exclude your own traffic from Google Analytics - without a fixed IP address

Please note: recent security updates on some browsers look like they block the operation of this tool. If you don't get a popup box appearing after stage 2 please refer to the Google Help document.

Google Analytics is great for measuring visitor behaviour on your website, however, if you don't exclude your own company's visits, the results can be badly skewed.

Google's preferred method of doing this is by identifying your PCs through their IP addresses (a connection address assigned by your internet provider) and excluding that traffic from the statistics. However, with the scarcity of IP addresses, IP addresses are rarely fixed (unless you pay extra) and are usually assigned out of a shared pool - making this solution non-viable in the majority of cases.

The solution is to store a cookie on the machines that you want traffic excluding from and then inform Google Analytics of the name of that cookie.

But how do you - as a non-developer - store a cookie? And then how do you tell Google Analytics about it? Just follow the step by step instructions below:

STEP 1: Enter your details

Enter a unique word to identify your own machines in the box below. Avoid odd characters or spaces. Then press the SELECT button. NOTE: You must have Google Analytics installed on your site already for this process to work!

Your web address:
Your unique exclusion phrase:


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