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WebSanity are a Huntingdon based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet Marketing company. As you will see from our website we offer a broad range of services, including training, consultancy, AdWords support and search engine friendly websites.

Having such a broad set of skills is important because, by definition, Search Engine Optimisation is about doing things to make your website rank higher up in the organic results (or ‘natural‘ or free ‘results‘) when people search using a Search Engine, such as Google. However, in reality, to build your business on line you need to consider a wider approach to internet marketing, including consideration of issues such as local search results to Huntingdon, AdWords advertising, social engagement, conversion rate optimisation,  etc.

We build Search Engine Optimised websites for our Huntingdon based clients, so that means we keep our skills current and are ‘grounded’ – there’s a lot of theory and hot air talked amongst SEO practitioners, we filter that out and focus on things that are going to have the biggest impact and deliver the best value SEO solution.

Our Approach to SEO

We don’t sell ongoing SEO packages and we’d recommend that you avoid people who do sell such packages! SEO is an engaging process whose work depends on your current position, your current website and your budget.

Instead we prefer to meet with you in Huntingdon, or wherever you run your business from, discuss what your requirements are and – in particular – what skills and time you have to dedicate to SEO.

We can then review your website in the context of SEO and standing on the internet and deliver a prioritised SEO action list. This isn’t an off the shelf report check list that SEO companies so often regurgitate, but something that is written after careful analysis of your website, your requirements and capabilities.

This is discussed with the client (in as non-technical terms as possible), in particular how to implement the items it contains:

  • Some issues are technical and it’s best to leave us to sort out for you (website implementation issues) – Note we are happy to work with your existing website developer to implement website updates if you prefer;
  • Content issues are often best handled by the client (since you are the expert in your field), of course with support;
  • Ongoing work – some clients are happy to take the SEO work forward themselves with on demand help & support, whereas others prefer a more collaborative approach with help on blogging, link building, AdWords optimisation etc. We adopt a flexible approach to suit each client.


If you would like help contact with SEO in Huntingdon then please get in touch, we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements and explain how we could help.


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