Weldlogic Huntingdon SEO & AdWords support

Weldlogic had a simple, established website that served their needs but which had been built before the concept of Search Engine Optimisation had even been invented! They didn’t want to invest in a new website so after a thorough SEO audit we updated key technical aspects of their current website to help it achieve better search engine rankings.

We also ‘templated’ the site to allow it to continue to be developed – a not inconsiderable task – although we only had the scope to make very minor design updates.

Building on this, we have started an ongoing link building programme: showing marked improvements to search engine rankings – even during the early stages.

We continue to work with Weldlogic in Huntingdon, helping them to update their website as and when new products or services are added, and have recently set up an optimised AdWords campaign for them to achieve a wider online reach.

Weldlogic are a Huntingdon based company who are a market leader in the field of micro-joining applications; selling products and services across a Europe-wide market.

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