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WebSanity developed a sophisticated WordPress web design for Peterborough based company The Job Show.

They needed a website to promote their business as well as fully detailing all the information about each of their individual events. Ease of use was of prime importance.

We used WordPress as the basis for the website, augmented by a selection of Search Engine Optimisation, Security and a wide range of extensions. Onto this we built a simple way for handling each show as a separate object, adding an event just requiring the filling in of a form. We then added intelligence to split this content into past and upcoming events automatically, showing relevant information accordingly. Information was also split on the page to provide compact access to a large amount of content.

Careful consideration was taken of Search Engine Optimisation, for example using microdata formatting for the events to allow Google to better understand the information on each event page; and thinking ahead to allow for when pages that have become well indexed in Google  become past events.

A sophisticated Form management system was also added and setup to allow people and businesses to register for events, the information being gathered in a database which can be exported into Excel format for easy analysis and use offline e.g. carefully targeted email shots.

The design implementation took account of the smaller screen sizes on tablets and mobile devices – responsive design – to make it easier to view and interact with on such devices; of key importance to the website’s customer base. We also provided styling control to enable the Peterborough based team to easily add very stylish content to their website, including simple embedding of audio snippets.


  • WordPress Content Management System;
  • Sophisticated yet simple to use event management code;
  • Implementation carefully tailored to meet Search Engine Optimisation best practice;
  • Responsive design scales sympathetically to mobiles & tablets;
  • Form management;
  • Extensions to provide additional functionality & boost SEO;
  • WordPress and system Training

  • Low cost;
  • Easy to use;
  • Bookings “manage themselves”;
  • Quick to add sophisticated content;
  • Deliver better traffic through ranking better online;
  • Encourages more engagement from people using mobile devices;
  • Easily extended website can grow with the business


Click on an image below to enlarge it. Click on the enlarged image to move onto the next image. Use the buttons at the bottom of the popup to view more images or to close it...

Events are added to the system by filling in a simple form. The system then intelligently displays that data. e.g.

  • Past & future events split automatically into appropriate sections
  • Detailed information split into separate tabs
  • Relevant hot links to key information automatically generated
  • Link to newer version of show added (if one exists) for SEO purposes


Upcoming Events Admin event list Admin event details
Public event list


Admin list event info


Admin detailed event info

Forms submitted by attendees & potential exhibitors (easily edited within admin area) capture details in a database and can easily be edited/reviewed/exported, making registration very easy to manage.


Visitor Registration Form admin Detailed admin form view
User registration


User capture within admin


Detailed form info

A responsive web design is one that adapts to the size of the device it is displayed on. In this website we have made the design very subtly adapt the header and change the menu to a selection button, whilst scaling the image content as the size reduces.


Responsive Design PC or Mac Responsive Design Tablet Responsive Design Mobile
Full Desktop size


Tablet size

Images & Slides scaling, figure
dropped from header, no
background area to sides

Mobile size

Header stacked
vertically, images
& slides continue
to scale, menu
becomes button



The Job Show are a Peterborough based company hosting recruitment events in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, London and further afield.
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