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Smart ABC Cambridgeshire had moved to Huntingdon and wanted to extend their business beyond the original focus in Bury St Edmonds. They already had a tidy website that worked well for them (note: this web design was created by another web developer), so we cloned that on their behalf, updated it to focus on the Cambridgeshire area (with particular attention to SEO information) and made some general content changes.

During the process we converted the design into a WordPress website to make updates easier, and to act as a better platform to extend the site in the future.

Although we would like to have seen more local content and had more time to work on some local Search Engine Optimisation, the site appeared very quickly on the top half of the Google results – which is exactly what the customer needed!

Smart ABC Cambridgeshire are a Huntingdon based mobile car paint and bodywork repair specialist.

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