Rockingham Fender Seats – Peterborough

We started working with Rockingham Fender Seats several years ago, helping them with an initial Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) review of their website. We subsequently helped them update the website to deal with the issues that we had identified.

We continue to help them manage their website (adding content, forms, promotions etc), provide further SEO advice & support, and set up & manage an AdWords campaign for them – which is a major source of business.

Peterborough based Rockingham Fender Seats are a long established business that hand craft bespoke fireside fender seats, low fenders and fireguards. Their market sector has changed dramatically over time, and over the years has had to move from print to solely online marketing & promotion.

We are really impressed with how this project is progressing, your enthusiasm, and hard work are second to none, it has been a pleasure!

T. Lane
Rockingham Fender Seats
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