Peterborough Enterprise Programme – consultancy

The PEP WebSpec programme was set up to encourage the growth of businesses in specific geographic areas by supporting them in creating their own websites. As part of the programme we worked with their clients to explain how to get the most out of the internet for their business, helped them define their needs, documented their requirements, helped find a suitable 3rd party developer (our role was as an independent consultant), and then supported the client throughout the development process.

Clients of this scheme in the Peterborough area included:

  • EPI – legal consultancy, marketing site and customer management
  • Express Dance Supply – dancewear supplier, online retail website
  • Gregory Knight – estate agents, online property database
  • icon3games – online computer games retailer, retail website
  • Majestic Foods – specialty food retailer, retail website
  • Rebel – footwear retailer, retail website
  • The Eye Centre – optician, retail website
  • Venom – clothes retailer, retail website
  • Zebedee shoes – online children’s shoes retailer, website review and marketing advice

The Peterborough Enterprise Programme (since closed by the government) was set up to encourage business in the Peterborough area.

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