JK Dental Mobile website update

We developed a website for Peterborough based private dental practice, JK Dental, back in 2011 and we continue to support them with ongoing Search Engine Optimisation work – helping them run a Pay Per Click advertising campaign using Google AdWords and also boosting organic ranking through carefully targeted content development, as well as supporting frequent updates to the website.

One of the changes we made recently was to make the site more ‘mobile aware’. In web designer circles many like to go on (and on and on) about ‘responsive design’. This is the production of a design that scales to fit different devices (phones,¬† tablets, and desktops) – never looking perfect on any of them but working better – they claim – than a one size fits all design. We feel web designers have missed the point. If people are seriously looking at a website they are using a tablet or desktop, all of which are perfectly capable of looking at a ‘full website’. People on mobile phones are just that – mobile – and so they want DIFFERENT information. So we’ve stuck with a design that works well on a tablet based device but when it detects a mobile device (a true mobile device, we’re not classing tablets as mobile devices here, because they aren’t in our opinion) it offers a page that it thinks will be of most help to the visitor. In this case, being a local business, contact details and a map of how to reach the business in Peterborough (the most likely things people checking their local dentist website using a mobile phone are going to want to do!)

Not wanting to exclude people who DO want to browse the full website there’s the option to move on to the full site, but we can see that it isn’t needed very often by looking at the visitor statistics.

Basically by the simple detection of a mobile device and serving one custom page¬† with some intelligence to allow them to move on to the full site, we’ve managed to make the site far more useful for users of mobile phones at minimal expense. Do you really need a full mobile specific website – or just some such intelligence? Probably just the latter in the case of most local businesses.

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