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Preground Tungsten Electrodes microsite

A simple microsite targeted at a very specific keyword term. This is a website very focused on a specific group of searches by being very focused on those terms throughout the content, and served from a keyword rich domain name.

Although Google nowadays shuns one page ‘over targeted’ websites (thank goodness), this approach is still valid if you are prepared to put in the effort and add a decent amount of supporting content. At the end of the day Google ranks sites that are useful for the customer, so by making the site genuinely useful it should consider it for ranking AND your potential customers will find it useful, being more likely to engage with you.

Based off the WordPress CMS this site is very easy to extend and add content to support that process.
Features included:

  • Simple design
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Complicated online quoting form
  • Deliberately setup and structured for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Supported with AdWords advertising
Diamond Ground Products are market leaders in specialist welding equipment across the European market.

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