JK Dental – Peterborough – website, SEO & AdWords

We developed the JK Dental Peterborough website in 2011 and after that provided a full ongoing support package including online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation SEO,  AdWords and content authoring.

Web Design

JK Dental Peterborough wanted a very different approach to their web design in order to stand out from their competitors (especially since they were starting from scratch). All their competitors had very plain ‘on white’ web designs, so an approach was chosen to use dark colours and match colours used in the practice itself (even featuring the waiting room wallpaper pattern in the background!)

Over time more content, a news section and mobile web page were added.

The site contains a wealth of information and was updated regularly – things that help achieve a better ranking in the search engine results.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

We supported the launch of the website through building links from various local directories, using SEO best practice to help it achieve visibility in the Google, Bing and Yahoo results. We continued to build links, adjust keyword focus and create new content targeted at key phrases to attract a broader range of more specific searches. Having developed the site ourselves there was no need to fix the multitude of issues we normally find after conducting a web site review (especially on new websites!)

Over time the site rose up the ranks to top ranking positions for most key search terms (often only outranked by a competing local dentist site using dodgy link building techniques – e.g. links from a Louisiana family tree website – who face an increasing risk of being discovered by Google and being removed from the results altogether)


To give the site a boost and to work alongside the organic SEO work, we supported JK Dental Peterborough by setting up, optimising and growing over time a carefully targeted Pay Per Click PPC advertising campaign. This brought in good quality traffic in what is a very competitive field.


JK Dental are Peterborough based private dental practice, newly formed in 2011.

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