DGP Huntingdon SEO, AdWords & Website support

Huntingdon based DGP approached us for help with the Search Engine Optimisation of their website. Being the European distributor for a US based company without their own website, the key work was to clone the US website and optimise it for the European market.

We worked with DGP closely to localise the cloned website, remove inappropriate products, add/update content, update terminology, add greater SEO focus on key products, then build links to the new site in order to convince Google to list the site in European searches instead of the original one!

We continue to update the DGP website as the need arises and have recently helped them set up a Google AdWords based Pay Per Click advertising campaign to promote their products across the European market.

Huntingdon based Diamond Ground Products are a European distributor of tungsten grinders, welding torches and electrodes.


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