TOEIC web application development

A Cambridge based company, First Press ELT,¬† came to us some time ago asking for help to develop a very simple website to support their ‘learn English as a foreign language’ books in the Far Eastern Market.

However as the books were developed, and First Press gained a better understanding of the online market, those requirements grew hugely compared to what had initially been planned. This meant moving on from a simple website Content Management System (or CMS) with PDF answering sheets to fill in and PDF marking sheets to print out; into a fully developed custom online test system, presenting material in a very specific form, with online eCommerce, test storage and marking. Because of our strength of experience in writing full custom web code we were able to respond to the new requirements and extend the system into a highly tailored and high competitive system to meet the client’s needs.

Features included:

  • Very simple, basic design – the users of the system speak English as a foreign language, so the client wanted no clutter, no diversions, total focus on simplicity
  • Content Management System CMS to allow supporting pages to be updated
  • Two separate websites powered by the same CMS; one to support the books and one to deliver the online tests
  • Fully custom web programming for storing, delivering and marking tests with material in a range of formats chosen to match the ‘real’ examination that people were studying towards taking, including features such as multiple choice, online audio, inline answering, sample material, audio transcripts & marking explanations etc.
  • Sample test material deployment
  • Full test material implementation (200 questions, 40 audio files, tests 2 hours long)
  • The ability to work on an iPad (using custom detection to use non-Flash solution for Apple devices)
  • The facility to save and also to review tests
  • A user registration system
  • A test code system linked to the books to allow free access to a limited set of tests
  • PayPal eCommerce¬† solution to allow people to buy test codes to generate an additional revenue stream


First Press ELT, Cambridge, develop books to help people in the Far East study for, and improve their scores, on a test called the TOEIC test. This is a test of people’s use of English as a foreign language, is hugely popular in Asia and also extremely tough (looking at the material that we helped build online!).


WebSanity was able to quickly grasp the main concepts behind what we were looking for, and managed to delivery exactly what we needed. We are very impressed with the high level of support and service, and extremely pleased with the result.

M. Craven
FirstPress ELT
(eCommerce website, Web Design)

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