Connaught Media brochure web design

A high design website for Peterborough based Connaught Media. Being a media company it was important to make an impact, so the design is slightly unconventional. One of their unique services is “Sound and Vision Marketing”, hence the large (and changing on the home page) background graphics and auto-playing of their radio commercial. Particular design attention and variation is given to each page on the website.

This website was implemented using WordPress, thus allowing the client to update the website content and add pages as their business develops. In particular, running the Peterborough Job Show, they are able to add logos, quotes and marketing material very rapidly to reflect its evolving nature. This area of the site also contains simple registration forms to gather structured visitor & exhibitor information.


Features included:

  • Unusual web custom design – including integration of ‘slideshow’ background on home page
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • The ability to upload custom backgrounds for any page
  • Simple embedding of sound snippets
  • Customised, structured registration forms
  • Appropriate extensions to provide addition functionality and boost SEO
  • Training in how to use WordPress


Note: the use of audio that auto-plays on websites is one that needs careful consideration – in this case it was a primary requirement from the customer and justified to support their Sound and Vision marketing focus.


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