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Shower Head Hoses Mixers – WordPress eCommerce

Location: Norwich

Shower Power Booster (a client for whom we replaced their existing failing WordPress eCommerce solution with a far more effective solution) wished to compartmentalise their business to allow add on products to be sold from a separate website. They had no concern whatsoever about design or branding, they just needed a platform to sell from.

We put in place a very cheap WordPress eCommerce solution with minimalist design. The benefits of this solution include:

  • A simple, familiar WordPress Content Management system to allow easy addition of web content;
  • Full strength SEO & security setup;
  • The ability to build a more sophisticated design at some point in the future;
  • A mobile friendly ‘responsive’ layout;
  • A very powerful eCommerce solution with a very easy to use checkout system;
  • Integration with existing PayPal account;
  • Minimal cost!
Shower Power Booster are a Norwich based company producing innovative water pressure boosting products, sold online to a global market.

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