AdWords optimisation/training for Moody Pig

A hands on session reviewing Moody Pig’s AdWords account setup, showing the approach to optimise it whilst optimising parts of it there and then by way of example.


Working through AdWords in this way allowed us to see the main areas that needed optimisation, show the user our approach and optimisation strategy, but using their actual account instead of some unrelated training material.We left the client with a list of things to do to further optimise and to expand out the account.

Followed up by a quick online support session to check they were going in the right direction and answer any follow on questions they had.

Website Search Engine Optimisation advice given as issues seen during the course of working on their AdWords account.

Moody Pig are a hog roast company based near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. They offer external catering 'Hog Roast style'!

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