Abatement Exchange bespoke web development

Location: Leeds

WebSanity have worked with Leeds based AbatementExchange since the start of the business providing a site that has evolved as the business grew from a European focus to a global presence. The website is a sophisticated, flexible, custom development based on a core Content Management system

Features included:

  • Logo & graphic design
  • Full web custom design
  • Content Management System
  • Custom development to flexibly manage categorisation, grouping etc.
  • Custom development to allow users to register themselves and colleagues; administrators to approve and manage those users
  • Custom mailing list facility when new equipment added
  • Custom submission process for equipment to be viewed and approved by administrator before going live
  • Sophisticated filtering of products
  • Performance caching for home page to cope with large product list required by customer
  • Light Search Engine Optimisation
  • Training
  • Extension to deliver multiple translated versions of the website (6 languages currently) showing localised content & functionality on local domains


AbatementExchange are a global company based in Leeds. They provide a service, globally, to match up sellers and buyers of sophisticated, high-value VOC emissions abatement plant.


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