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Many businesses setup and run their own Google AdWords campaigns – AdWords is a ‘self serve’ model after all.

However, without a professional AdWords review, Google’s default setup and user interface tend to encourage a wider spread of online advertising than you might expect. In fact it might shock you. It certainly shocks us from time to time.

Take the video production company who asked us to review their AdWords Campaigns, where we found they had entered video production company as an advertising expression, something that that seems fairly innocuous.  However, this had – unbeknownst to them – shown their advert to people search for expressions such as YouTube or utube, because Google AdWords had somehow thought that was a relevant match. In fact they had wasted over £350 on useless clicks, a real kick in the teeth for a small business on a tight budget.

We offer an AdWords review service where we look at your account (online using Skype screen sharing so you can ‘look over our shoulders’) and give you advice on how to make your AdWords work harder for you using ‘best practice’. AdWords reviews start from £90ex, allowing us to:

  • Get connected to your account
  • Get a feel for how it is running
  • Review it with you online whilst giving you hands on advice & examples on how it can be improved.


If you would like a professional to review your Google AdWords – and ensure you’re getting the maximum value out of your advertising spend – then please get in touch.


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