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Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonGiving a Search Engine Optimisation course near Downham Market on Thursday 26th April in the morning. Only £30. If you’re interested in coming along let me know.

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation


How often do you check to see which page your website features on when you search for your products or services via the major search engines? Are you happy with where you appear or do you want to improve it? Statistics show that most people, who search online, only click through to the websites that appear on the first page of the search engine results. If your website isn’t appearing on this page then it’s very likely you are losing out on potential business opportunities. Our workshop will demonstrate how search engines work and how to you can improve your online visibility by creating search results that will attract more customers.

What you will learn:  

  • An introduction on how search engines work
  • The three pillars of search engine optimisation (seo)
  • How to conduct keyword research
  • How to build content and use keywords within your website to improve your search engine rankings
  • Why competitor research is important to improve your online performance
  • How social media can help with your SEO rankings
  • How to monitor the results of your efforts using Google Analytics

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who owns or who is responsible for a website and would like to learn more about improving their online visibility via the search engines.


Help and advice on SEO in Cambridge, Huntingdon or Peterborough from WebSanity Internet Marketing.

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What kind of auction does Google Adwords use?

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Just out of interest, if you ever wondered about Google’s very interestingly, but seemingly complicated, form of auction used to bid and charge for Google AdWords, it is a form of ‘Vickrey auction’. That’s where you bid one amount but end up paying an amount based on the bid below yours’ value. In Google’s case they use a quality score so the higher the Click Through Rates for your ads, the higher you rank and the less you pay – so it is well worth putting effort in to optimise your Google AdWords keywords and ads.

Help and advice on SEO in Cambridge, Huntingdon or Peterborough from WebSanity Internet Marketing.

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Broad matching on Google AdWords – just say no

SEO companies have always advised against use of broad match in Google AdWords. That’s when you give Google free reign to show your ads for searches ‘related’ to the one you ask to advertise for.

For example, you might ask to advertise for ‘video production’ and the idea is that Google will also show your ad when people search for ‘video creation’ as well.

This is a lazy approach and spreads your ads wide, but at a high risk of being shown inappropriately, causing your click through rate to drop, your quality score to drop and therefore your position to drop and your cost to increase. Not good then!

In reality broad match can be useful with several word phrases to catch some broad traffic. However one recent case we came across highlights the dangers of using it:

Whilst giving some SEO advice to a company I reviewed their AdWords setup. It was a usual first stab at AdWords with just one group containing a bunch of broad matched words, including the above term ‘video production’. Whilst showing how this was a bad thing to do we looked at the search terms this had triggered for – a facility offered by AdWords. I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that google had shown their ads when somebody typed is simply ‘youtube’. WHAT?! So Google had seen us advertising for ‘video production’ and shown our ad when somebody just typed in ‘youtube’ (and every spelling variation you could imagine). That is utter madness and an indication that 1. Broad matching is evil, and 2. Get professional help before spending money on Google AdWords.

The real tragedy is that the majority of their spend budget was consumed by people clicking on these ads and not on ‘video production’ – over £300 burnt on nothing in just a couple of months.

Please please please don’t throw money away like this – seek professional advice before dipping into Google AdWords, it will save you money!

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Google analytics email reports are back!

Over 3 months after releasing the latest version of Google analytics, Google have finally put back in place the ability to schedule and send yourself email reports.

It might not seem the most important feature in the system, clearly not to Google, but receiving  a monthly set of stats is sometimes just the trigger you need to do something more to improve your SEO!

I’d highly recommend you go into your Google analytics account today and set up a monthly summary report to be emailed to you.

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SEO – clickthrough rate & dwell time

Google uses lots of measures to determine the authority of a page. Today we’re going to think about clickthrough rate and dwell time.

Google sees the rate at which people click on each entry in its search results, so if people tend to not to click on your website then Google will move you down the rankings. That means: have clear and highly focused title tags on all your pages, and have snappy, catchy description tags for each page. Google doesn’t read them but if you have missing or duplicate tags then people will skip you and Google will indirectly mark you down.

Dwell time is the time that somebody spends on your site before coming back to Google. If you have poor content, or content not focused enough, or too little content, then people won’t spend long on the site, Google will spot that and therefore reduce your authority. That means: review your content, make sure there is sufficient on the page, and make sure it is interesting and engaging.

Remember that Google has access to all sorts of information about your site: it gains a huge insight from users of it’s Chrome browser. So, if you want your site to be an authority in a given area and rank highly as a result, make sure it IS an authority!

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