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Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonDon’t believe the latest rhetoric from Google AdWords; their latest change to AdWords is just another play at forcing everybody to pay to rank in Google. They claim their latest change increases click through rates by more than 20% – meaning even fewer organic clicks. But that’s the world we live in so knuckle down and get stuck into rewriting ALL your Ads…

Google AdWords’ classic 25 letters for a heading, followed by two lines of 35 characters (sometimes the first two lines being merged) will shortly be dead. They now offer two headlines of 30 and a block of 80 characters, and the display URL is getting a meaningful update at the same time.

This does relieve us of the onerous task of trying to squeeze something meaningful and engaging in such a small space, but sometimes it’s the restrictions that are the beauty (why does Twitter work?) Having more space to play with just means more time thinking what to put in there.

Again, another change that isn’t going to go away – I suggest you get in there quick, ahead of your competitors, and get your Ads updated. Use it as an excuse to rethink what you’re putting in there – make it unique, make it stand out, fill it with USPs.

And test it – it appears the new heading blocks can get cut off badly, so use the Google AdWords preview/testing tool to check they display what you expect. Maybe try a few A/B variations to see what works best for you in terms of conversions whilst you’re in here.

NOTE: Don’t delete your old ads, they can carry valuable statistics for optimisation. Pause them instead.


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