Google AdWords negatives done the correct way

Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonAdding a negative to your AdWords AdGroup/Campaign/Keyword list? Make sure you do it right or you might exclude more or less than you thought.We always use phrase matched negative keywords (“in quotes”). This ensures that broad match doesn’t block anything you didn’t expect.

  • “banana”

This might mean adding multiple variations, including plurals and typos just to be safe:

  • “bananas”
  • “bannanas”

And whilst you’re at it always consider the user of exact match negatives to prevent too general searches. Weirdly we might advertise for “banana” but put an exact match negative of [banana] in place. This allows us to pick and choose, with more phrase matched negatives, what we don’t want AND exclude the far too general search term at the same time (basically if people are searching for very general search terms you – and they – have no idea what their search intent is so we’re not interested)

  • [banana]
  • [bananas]


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