Appeal: be nice to your developer and they’ll be nice to you

Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonThis morning I just “sacked a client”: fed up of spending hours of unpaid time helping them sorting out their requirements because they couldn’t be bothered to do so for themselves, then being asked for a fixed price quote (thereby taking on all risk of any issues arising) at minimal price, then adding extra work in and wanting it done instantly – for 2 hours paid work! I asked them to find another web developer.

Doing things like this allows us to focus more of our time on our many lovely clients whom we have had business relationships with for years and continue to give them the best value support to help their businesses thrive – plus find new clients to develop long term supportive relationships with.

The situation above is akin to going to a solicitor and asking for a complicated will to be set up for you, but then only wanting to pay for the time it takes to print it out, AND to have free follow up updates and support. Do you think that’s going to end up delivering a quality product?


If you’re working with a web developer please:

  • Appreciate that they have skills that you are using even when discussing what it is you want doing;
  • Think through what you want to achieve as thoroughly as possible and put it in writing;
  • If you know what you want to achieve but don’t know how to achieve that, then consider that you might need to pay for expert advice;
  • Remember that web development is complicated (right click on a web page and select “view source” and you’ll see what I mean);
  • Realise that they are a business that need to earn money too – value their time

This will lead to a better value solution and a long term supportive relationship, after all,  “a good web developer is for life, not just for a Christmas update


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