Copying other people’s content is a false economy

We work with clients who supply their own content for their websites and those whom we develop content with together. In the former group we find the occasional client who supplies content that has been copied and pasted from other websites – its obvious.  Sometimes the content supplied even includes links to the original owner’s website!

Firstly this is morally wrong… indeed legally wrong.

But, more importantly (?!), Google hates duplicate content, so you are very likely to find that such corner cutting results in that content ranking poorly for what appears no reason.

So, although we positively encourage customers to explore their online competitors, we highly recommend that they write their own content, in their own voice. Google rewards your website for original content (the more the better)… and maybe you’ll sleep easier at night as well! 

If you don’t feel confident writing content for the web, we can support you from simply proofing right through to full content origination.

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