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Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonOver the next few posts I’m going to share some useful tools or services that we use here at WebSanity. We focus very hard on efficiency and are always looking for tools/software that can help us improve our effectiveness – delivering better results in shorter time; the world never stands still! These might be helping us do our Search Engine Optimisation work, or programming custom web applications – we’ll take adopt anything that helps.

The first service is DropBox. This is a free service up to a certain size, (read on, more will become clear). Sign up for a free account with drop box and they will install some software on your machine and creates a special folder on your machine. This software monitors that folder and as files in it are changed they are copied  to a secure web server seamlessly. However, there is more to it than that – install it on several PCs and you can then share the same files, so they all stay in sync, or even access the files from a secure login using any PC connected to the web, say in an Internet café.

Useful for:

  • Backing up key files online
  • Remote working, accessing files out of the office
  • Synchronising files between a laptop and PC
  • Sharing files with colleagues
  • Copying large files to/from other people instead of relying on (unreliable) email

So, a great tool. The free version should give ample storage for most uses, and if you pay a small fee then you get a whopping amount of storage.  It’s free so why not have a go?


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