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An incresingly important factor for good Gerald Thulbourn, WebSanity Internet Marketing, HuntingdonSearch  Engine Optimisation is engagement with your potential audience; in fact, some would say that is becoming the crux of SEO.

Google are using measures of how well you do this to influence your ranking. But what does ‘engagement’ mean? It means having a presence where your potential customers are: be that on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.

You can use tools such as Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Alerts, and simply searching within Google, to help you find where your potential audience are on the web, but one place they often pop up on is on question and answer sites.

These are sites where people can pose problems and then random members of the intenet public kindly offer their advice. They can generate huge audiences and often rank well in the search engine results.

Why do internet Q&A websites rank so well? Many factors such as lots of content, lots of fresh content, lots of links etc.

We’d recommend that you have a look at these types of sites, find any that might be particularly appropriate to your field/find any where questions related to your products or services have been asked in the past; and then monitor them specifically (possibly using Google alerts) with an eye to offering advice to people asking such questions in the future.

In particular, if you have any link bait content (we’ll cover that concept in a future post) have that in mind to offer as material in your responses.

Basically, by helping to answer people’s questions you engage with your potential audience more, build trust/authority and attract potential customers to your website.

 Looking for some question and answer sites, try some of these:

Remember, the more you engage with your potential audience the more Google will love you…

If you find any useful Q&A websites, why not share them?

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