Top 10 ways to use Google Alerts to boost your market intelligence

WebSanity Internet Marketing logoGoogle Alerts is a useful FREE tool which you can use to get information updates about the market you operate in on the web emailed to you automatically. You can sign up for it here:

Google Alerts performs a regular search using keywords that you specify, and emails you when it finds any NEW instances of those keywords. It’s like doing a search for various keywords every day, comparing with the previous days, and then only looking at any new results – except done automatically.

It’s a great tool for building market intelligence; but what should you use it to monitor?

  1. Your business name
    Get alerts when somebody mentions your business name on the web, in blogs or elsewhere. Respond to any negative information and support/thank those who are positive.
  2. Your web address
    Again look for people mentioning your business, and linking to your site. In particular respond to any feedback in Blogs.
  3. Your competitors’ names
    “Competitor 1” OR “Competitor 2”
    See who is talking about your competitors and what they are saying. In particular look out for blog entries. Never be critical in any responses!
  4. Your competitors’ website addresses
    See where they are being linked from and see if you can obtain similar links.
  5. Product reviews
    product_name review
    Look for product reviews of key products you sell. Potentially link to them from your site. Potentially offer special offers on these products – if products get a positive review it can cause a wave of increased traffic of people offering these products: ride that wave by offering competitive prices on those products!
  6. Hacking indicators
    hack OR hacked OR nude OR naked OR sex OR porn OR poker OR casino OR hold-em OR holdem OR cialis OR viagra OR levitra OR Phentermine OR Xanax
    Note the text in red – using this you can limit the search to a particular site. In this case we are looking for ‘classic’ indicators that your site has been hacked. Hopefully you’ll never receive any alerts from this!
  7. Sales
    product_name1 OR product_name2 sale
    Look for your product sector or product names and ‘sale’ – if somebody is having a sale in your market then make sure you know about it.
  8. Product intelligence
    web design” OR “search engine optimisation
    See generally what people are saying about the products you are selling – keep informed!
  9. Shows/events
    search engine optimisation” show OR event
    Find out about shows or events that you might want to attend in your market sector.
  10. Local intelligence
    web design Huntingdon
    Find out specifically about what’s happening in your market sector in your local area.


Google Alerts can provide incredible FREE intelligence about your market place – all delivered automatically to your email box – it only takes 15 minutes to setup!


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    I would like to thank you a lot for the job you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same most reliable work from you later on too.

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    Located your webblog through AOL. You already know I am subscribing to your rss.

  4. WebSanity says:

    I keep a list of potential blogs posts that I'm going to write, so whenever I have an idea I note it down and then every week or so I know exactly where I'm starting from… no spending 15 minutes trying to think what to write. It's then just finding the time to write!

  5. WebSanity says:

    Just enter your email address in the Subscribe by Email box bottom of right hand column!

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