Time to stop using Internet Explorer?

WebSanity Internet Marketing logoAfter my recent post about Internet Explorer 9 breaking various people’s websites (and a fix for that), I wasn’t surprised to see that even major sites like Tescos Finance have been affected by it, and have had to post workaround advice to their customers.

If you’re still stuck in a rut using Internet Explorer because it came with your machine then maybe it’s time to swap to a new browser? Here are some options:

Browser  Developer  Notes Home page
Chrome Google Fast but basic, and do you really want to put all your online eggs in the Google basket? Chrome
Firefox Open Source Fast, extensible, secure, continually updated and lots of lovely add-ins that can speed up your day to day chores  (they certainly do for us) Firefox
Safari Apple Quirky but fast, but can you really depend on it? Safari


We’d recommend Firefox – being developed by the Open Source community is seems to suffer less security vulnerabilities, doesn’t break websites every time it is upgraded, is fast, and has lots of add-ins that can boost your productivity. They’ve also just released a shiny new version – version 5.

So if Internet Explorer 9 breaks your favourite websites maybe it’s time to change your browser?


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