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WebSanity Internet Marketing logoSome months ago I upgraded the memory in one of our netbooks (if you’ve got a netbook giving them some extra RAM certainly helps their somewhat asthmatic performance).

A couple of weeks ago it died with a ‘blue screen of death’ and a “page fault error” – indicative of a memory problem. I swapped the original memory back in and everything was fine. I contacted the original supplier and they:

  • Sent me a returns number and a freepost address.
  • Emailed me when they received the memory back.
  • Emailed me when they had tested it.
  • Emailed me when they despatched a replacement.
  • Sent a replacement within a week.

So, instead of me feeling let down by a product that failed I felt delighted by the customer service I received.

What has this got to do with SEO? Because people spread the word about good service. I’ve felt compelled to write a blog entry about it: if you want to buy cheap, quality laptop memory then check out There you go, they even got a high quality deep page link.

My first job was working for IBM developing the display card that replaced VGA. Before I joined they had saved money by using something like a 3 cent diode instead of a 5 cent diode across a range of their monitors. After a few months they all failed. Disaster you’d imagine. They responded by bending over backwards sorting out their customers’ problems, lending them upgraded monitors and calling to make sure everything was OK. This built huge loyalty amongst their customers and in part led to the, now defunct,  expression “you don’t get fired for buying IBM”.

The same good principles apply today – offer good service and you buy loyalty, reputation, recommendations by word of mouth and online. The only thing the memory supplier didn’t do was to encourage me to leave feedback on their, or any other review, website – always make it easy for a customer to provide reviews about your great service!


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