SEO and web design are difficult

In today’s blog entry I just want to remind you all that, although we live in the hi-tech 21st century, beneath the slick veneer of technology is an ever increasing, complicated and messy implementation. The web was never designed to do what it now does and as we build more and more complexity into it, it often starts creaking at the seams, ne bursting at the seams.

So don’t worry when SEO seems to baffle you, or when things go wrong on your website: as time goes on and we build more and more complexity, things are just going to get worse… so just relax and enjoy the journey!

… but don’t just think its the internet where complexity causes problems… look at the story of the Boeing 787 or airbus A380… and you’ll see great examples of where it turns out that maybe we just aren’t as clever as we thought we were.

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