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Online marketing isn’t just about pandering to the needs of the Search Engines. The bottom line is engaging better with your audience and making it as easy as possible for them to engage with you.

So, here’s a free tool to help them save time and not have to type in long page names: – you guessed it, it’s a tool from Google. If you go to that web address and add it to your Google account (a free gateway to lots of products such as webmaster tools, analytics, adwords etc.) then you can do snazzy things like convert this url:
to this:

(But be careful mind – that is CASE SenSItive.)
It will even shows you stats on the number of times those links were actually used (in case you don’t have access to Google Analytics).

Note, that from an SEO point of view, you’d be foolish to use these on the web – these are really only for printed material (although it is interesting to technically see that google use a 301 redirect so they DO pass any credibility established for that link to the page it is actually linking to). Why? Because they aren’t keyword rich, and having keyword rich anchor text is important to getting a high quality link.

An alternative approach would be for you to create more memorable urls that might not be the shortest, but are easier to remember. To do that you may need to be able to update your .htaccess file to put a ‘301 redirect’ in place… something you’re probably better off asking your developer to do for you (it should only take 10 minutes). For example, instead of this:
we can use this:

Much easier on the eye and memorable in a printed flyer for example.

Remember, it’s all about making it things easier for your customers and, as a certain well known store says, “Every Little Helps”…

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