123-reg.co.uk having serious problems today…

Anybody relying on 123-reg.co.uk to do email forwarding for them might well have lost all the email sent to them this morning (and with no bounce backs to warn the senders), so if you were expecting an email it might be worth checking whether it was sent or not.

We discovered this after having put a site live only to find that in final handover testing none of the forms got through anymore. Finally we tracked it down to 123-reg.co.uk having dropped ALL mx records for the domain (i.e. it just didn’t offer email to anybody trying to send to the domain). We watched whilst they suddenly came back (still not working), then moved to other servers (bouncing all email) and then finally sprung into life again. Strangely they didn’t count email not working at all as worthy of mentioning on their ‘current status’ page. We shall reconsider recommending them for domain names in the future…

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3 Responses to 123-reg.co.uk having serious problems today…

  1. WebSanity Internet Marketing says:

    UPDATE on 17/9/2010
    123-reg.co.uk's admin tools now claim that they aren't handling address management of the domain name we were having problems with; yet using an independent lookup tool it is clear that they still are.

    The domain name seems to be stuck in limbo – I've never seen anything like this before… it might even warrant an email to the 'internet police' for the UK nominet.org.uk (very helpful if you have any problems)

  2. WebSanity Internet Marketing says:

    Just got a phone call from 123-reg.co.uk who had seen this blog post and phoned up to ask how they could help. Wow – that's pretty good service. We managed to sort the issue out and everything is now running OK. So they didn't admit to why the MX records disappeared out of the blue yesterday, but their response has restored my faith in them and added to it – remember that by dealing well with a problem you can build more trust than before you even had a problem!

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