Title tag not updating?

Sometimes when you are fine tuning title tags for Search Engine Optimisation you find that a title tag is obstinate and seemingly won’t change in the Google results (in particular on the home or index page). You wonder where on earth Google is pulling that information from. The answer is ‘probably the Open Directory Project’. Every web site that has decent SEO should be listed in the Open Directory project if at all possible (go to www.dmoz.org and if you’re not already listed there then enter your information in a relevant category).

Basically Google’s search engine sometimes decides to pull its information from this source and ignore your carefully hand crafted SEO’d title tag. To avoid this add the ‘NOODP metatag’ to the relevant website page (unfortunately this is one you might have to ask your developer to do for you, but it should only take a minute). This requires you to put:

<meta name=”robots” content=”NOODP”>

in the <HEAD> section of your page.

Now Google will ignore that information (give it 4-5 days for Google to reindex the page) and instead use the information you place on the page itself.

This is normally an issue I’ve seen with the index page on established sites in the past. To check if it is a problem search for yourself and look at the title that comes up for your home page in the search results (which should be the number one result all being well): it should agree with what you entered as the title for that page (keyword rich, descriptive, 65-75 letters etc.)

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  1. VV says:

    great comment and thanks for the heads up !!

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