Are you missing content in your ‘category pages’?

Today I was presenting on SEO, in Cambridge at St John’s Innovation Centre, and a subject came up which, over the years, I’ve seen many people miss out on – particularly on ecommerce sites. That subject is missing keyword rich content on the ‘category pages’ of a website.

If you take your products or services and divide them into some kind of hierarchy of pages on your site – ideally matching this to the keyword research that you have done – the category pages are those that sit between your home page and your individual products or services.

For example, you might sell properties in various European countries. Your home page is well optimised, you have a listing page which shows all properties in Portugal (for example), and then clicking on each property gives full information about each individual property. But often that middle page has very little content on it related to your targeted keywords (“buy property in Portugal”, “property for sale in Portugal” etc.). This is often the result of this page being generated automatically from a database and admin system – and not giving you the ability to add content at that level (although a good system should let you do that).

Take another example: selling televisions. Here if your ‘televisions’ page simply lists all your televisions, then it isn’t keyword focused on televisions keywords generally and is poorly optimised as a result: even if your individual television pages are stacked with keyword rich content.

Effectively a lot of people are missing out on optimising an important set of pages on their site. In the ideal world when you have such a category page you should introduce some of your own keyword rich content to introduce the list of products or services. For the first example you might talk about the various areas of Portugal where you offer properties, for the latter you might talk briefly about the differences between TV technologies etc.

So, why not take a quick look at your ‘category pages’, if you have any one your website, and make sure you’re putting plenty of keyword rich content on them – otherwise you might be missing out on a great Search Engine Optimisation opportunity.

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