How to write Search Engine Optimised title tags

One of the most important aspects of starting Search Engine Optimisation for your website is to get the title tags right. The title tag is the bit of text that appears in the top of the internet browser program bar for each page of your website:

and, most importantly, the piece of text that appears as the first line of the ‘snippet’ shown in the Google results:
Google and the other search engines place a large degree of relevancy on the contents of the title tag.
Here are some hints & tips on how to write a good title tag:
  • Keep it short: 65-75 letters (use our free ‘SEO count characters tool‘ to help you get that right);
  • Ensure it contains keywords for the page being viewed;
  • Ensure the most important keywords come first;
  • Except on your ‘About Us’ page, put your brand at the end – not the beginning;
  • Use ‘&’ instead of ‘and’ – it lets you squeeze more content in;
  • Make it read well – remember this is the first line people might ever read about you in the Search Engine Results – if it is gibberish they won’t click on it;
  • Don’t ‘stuff’ keywords in it by repeating keywords or just listing keywords.
And finally, make sure that you don’t have any duplicate title tags across the website. Many web developers get sloppy with title tags when rushing to get a site live and either use the same tag across the entire site, or just write non-optimised tags – this will harm your site from the outset.
Writing carefully optimised title tags is only one small part of Search Engine Optimisation for your website, but it is a very important one. If you need advice on Search Engine Optimisation in Cambridge, Peterborough or further afield then get in touch and we’d be happy to help.
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