We’ve moved our blog…

Having done our initial setup on blogger.com’s server, we’ve moved our blog onto our own website – but still using blogger.com to publish the blog.

Why did we do that?

Well, you have three options as to how you host a blog with Blogger:

  1. On Blogger.com’s servers.

    This gives you a web address like websanity-web-design.blogger.com.It’s a great way of creating a blog simply and at no cost. However, because all that lovely search engine friendly content you’re going to write appears on somebody else’s domain, it isn’t going to help boost your own domain rankings – unless the blog becomes popular and your links through to your own domain pass on ‘link capital’ from your blog subdomain to your main website domain. This, of course, presumes you’re trying to use blogging as a way of communicating as well as promoting your own business website.
    So, option 1: great for people who just want to communicate.
  2. Redirected to your own site.

    If you control your DNS (techincal stuff) then you can have a subdomain of your site redirected to blogger’s servers, who will serve the appropriate content for you: for example blog.websanity.co.uk. This hosts the domain on the blogger servers and associates it with your own domain. But, remember that the search engines see https://www.websanity.co.uk/ and websanity.co.uk as two separate sites if you don’t deal with the issue of canonicalization, well it will also see blog.websanity.co.uk as a separate site, so from an SEO perspective this still isn’t ideal.
  3. Hosted on your own site.

    You web hosting control panel should allow you to create a new ftp account which can can give sole access to a subdirectory on your web site, e.g. websanity.co.uk/blog. If you feed these details to blogger.com it will manage the files for your blog but then copy updated files to your site when you ask it to do so. websanity.co.uk/blog is very much part of the websanity.co.uk domain, so Google and the other search engines will count all that good content you write towards building the ranking of your website, plus the site is firmly branded as your own and yet is still managed through blogger.com’s easy to use blogging system.
So, now we’ve got around to it, we’ve switched to option 3, for all the good reasons stated above.

Now we just need to sort out linking the blog from our website (adding it into the menu system and making a more obvious link to it) and making the template look more WebSanity like…

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