AdWords Setup & Optimisation

AdWords optimisation & support

Google AdWords advertising is a highly effective way of promoting your business online. It should be considered as part of all businesses’ online marketing activities, balanced with such activities as Search Engine Optimisation.

What started off as a ‘self serve’ advertising model has, however, grown in complexity to the point of it being beyond the reach of many SMEs. There are many common pitfalls that inexperienced people can fall into which means that advertising spend is wasted.

We offer a flexible approach to AdWords support depending on a client’s needs, for example:

  • Full setup
    Setup a fully optimised AdWords campaign from scratch, working closely with the client to advertise the right keywords in the right location and in the most effective manner;
  • Existing account optimisation
    Review an existing account, eliminating the common mistakes and better focusing advertising spend to deliver a better Return On Investment;
  • AdWords training/Knowledge transfer
    Many people want to learn how to optimise their own campaigns in order to extend their advertising into new areas. The most effective means of doing this is through hands on learning. We are more than happy to review and optimise AdWords campaigns whilst using screen sharing, teaching the process online & hands on with a client’s actual data, not just classroom examples.


We don’t charge monthly retainer fees – typical AdWords work requires a block of research work & setup, followed by a couple of reviews and adjustments over a period of time to fine-tune it. Thereafter we just recommend that it gets a quick review from time to time to ensure that it is still delivering and to apply any further fine tuning or extensions.

If you would like help to setup or optimise your AdWords advertising then please get in touch.


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