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SEO – Twitter overhyped

I’ve never been comfortable with the hype behind Twitter and how it is the next great thing of Social Media Optimisation. And now Harvard have backed this up with facts. The report, recently carried on the BBC website, highlights how … Read more…

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SEO – Domain name age/duration

Search Engine Optimisation is a huge and continually evolving field; with hundreds of factors being taken into account by the likes of the Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask search engines. These search engines fight a continuous battle against ‘web spam’: … Read more…

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BOOK REVIEW – Winning Results with Google AdWords

Newly updated in 2009 this book is intended to show you how to “Run a successful ad campaign on Google”. Our view is that it only of interest to a very small niche of readers: Google AdWords professionals interested in … Read more…

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